• Barber with a brown apron and black shirt

    Cuco the Barber

    I’m a young entrepreneur who has established a reputable career in the barber industry over the past 9 years. I built 1st Class Barbershop to give young driven individuals an opportunity to work in a great social environment and allow them to gain experience, build connections and grow within our community. I’ve built my business around the community because I love to see all the smiling faces of my friends and neighbors when they walk in and out of the barbershop as happy customers. I love what I do and the people we serve. They are the reason I continue to strive to grow the best barbershop in not just Windsor, but all of Sonoma County.

    When I’m not in the barbershop, I am a dedicated family man. I grew up in a big family with 8 siblings and I look forward to starting a family of my own soon with my loving and caring fiancé.

    I thank you kindly for taking the time to read my short bio, and I look forward to welcoming you to my new barbershop.

  • Barber with a black hat and grey sweater


    I’m a 16-year-old barber looking to make a name for himself in the barber
    industry. Watching my older brother Cuco pursue his passion made me fall in love with this industry and I dedicated myself to this career path starting when I was in the 7th grade. I knew very early on that this is what I wanted to do and began practicing as soon as I could get my hands on clippers. I practiced on my friends and family and started to learn how to trim beards on Santana the Barber. With the help and trust of them, I’ve been able to hone my craft to what it is today.

    Education is important to me, so I balance going to Windsor High School, Barber School and accruing apprenticeship hours at the barbershop. I’m a student by nature and I’m eager to continue perfecting my craft and learning something new every time I’m in the shop. I look forward to having you in my chair and building lasting relationships with you.

  • Barber with a black sweater


    I’m Giovanni & I’m one of the Barbers here at First Class Barbershop. I have always had a passion for barbering and everything that goes into it. I started cutting hair a few years ago & within the last 2 years I have dedicated myself to perfecting my craft. I am a student at the CA Barbering Apprenticeship Learning Center & have found a home at First Class to grow my skills & knowledge, being a barber allows me to express my creative side & create lasting relationships with each of my clients. To me, this profession is about helping my clients feel good about themselves & creating an environment they enjoy coming too. Book with me now to get the First Class experience.

  • Barber with a black shirt and brown hat


    Santana the Barber, a Windsor local who has been establishing a name for himself in the barber industry for the past 5 years. I wake up every morning with gratitude knowing that I get to walk into the barbershop and do what I love every day. My passion for being a barber comes from knowing that my clients are going to leave the chair satisfied when they receive a 1st class haircut from me. I take my time and cater every haircut to meet my clients needs.

    I know how frightening getting a haircut for children can be. If your kid needs a haircut, I am the perfect guy to do it. As a father, I’ve developed the patience, understanding and skill it takes to give a child a quality haircut.

  • Daijagh Sapphire

    About two years ago; I began taking my braiding journey seriously, once I realized that I naturally developed a service that I can share & provide to my community. I started when I was young, I would only help & braid friends or family. But when it came down to me vs. my own hair, I always had a problem with managing it & it didn’t sit right with me; this always messed with my self confidence. Once I moved to the East Coast; I realized that growing up, I was barely in environments that shared the same hair type as me & that I had to take it upon myself to educate myself on my own, about my own hair. Gathering all of my past experiences & thanks to the culture, I learned how take care of my natural hair through self love & consistency. Now that I feel confident about my own hair & why braids are so vital & necessary to the hair growth process; I would love to share this euphoric feeling with my community through the expression of braids.

    I cater & work with all hair types. However, there’s not many in this area who relates or caters to 4C type hair. So I would love to represent & be that person in the Sonoma County area. I specialize in 4C type hair & would be honored to be your “go-to” hair braider, if you’re looking for someone closer to town.

    “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” -Deion Sanders

  • Barber with a black and white sweater


    I always aspired to become a barber, even when I was in my early years of high school. What always fascinated me about going to a barbershop to get my own haircut was seeing the transition of appearance from start to finish. I would pay close attention to how the barbers were able to provide a valuable service and hold close relationships with their clients which motivated me to do the very same in my career.

    I’m currently a student at the CA Barbering Apprenticeship Learning Center, and now I have a great opportunity to further perfect my skills at the 1st Class Barbershop and continue to make my dreams come true. I take pride in giving my clients the very best service and cementing a reputable name for myself in the barber industry. Book with me to get the 1st Class Experience.

  • Barber with glasses and a black hat and sweater

    Ricardo R. Palacios

    Born in Santa Rosa, California raised in Windsor, have been cutting hair for 3 years. Inspiration for barbering was an aunt and her son with their own shop. It was a motivation seeing how client’s confidence lifted. With the help of friends and family who I’m thankful for, starting from the backyard to working at a barbershop. With a mission to continue providing an exceptional service. It’s a passion to have others looking their best and making them feel good about themselves. It’s art that requires quality, precision, and passion. Every day is a chance to learn, grow, and succeed in this industry.